30,000 uninsured cars impounded in 2015 so far

Top insurers have urged the Government to act on uninsured drivers with research stating that around 30,000 cars impounded

Research shows that over 30,000 cars impounded in 2015 so far with London being the most uninsured capital of the UK holding a third. This increase in uninsured drivers could mean several key points that the industry or the Government is lacking. One could argue that the rising price in insurance, especially after the announcement of the IPT increase, are forcing those who need to drive to avoid insurance until their next pay cheque resulting in cars impounded. You could also argue that the rise in impounded cars are due to lack of enforcement with police, the Government and local security operations. We would like to believe those breaking the law and the impounded cars are all of the uninsured drivers however if the statistics show that only a few of the uninsured are caught, this will only encourage the practice further.

Some are arguing for a tougher penalty for driving without insurance rather than cars impounded however would this be the answer to the risks involved? Those who are struggling with the cost of insurance may find that the risk, no matter how great, could be worth it if the drive is a means of living.

We believe that there are those who may have missed payment or made a mistake with driving uninsured and cars impounded. We can help those in this situation to take the car out of the cars impound for you to continue with their life.

When the police impounds your car, you can still get it back

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