Seized cars to be sold on eBay

insurance for an impounded car

A recent ANPR led operation initiative called “No Excuse” has led to the seizure of a number of cars and has shown up some very strange excuses from the stopped offenders.

One driver told officers he only had a licence in Tasmania, another without insurance said: “I’m not sure I’ve been paying it – it’s all a bit much” and another told police: “Just split up with my girlfriend, whatever.” A third handed over his keys and said to police “I have no insurance, but my wife is pregnant, it’s ok.”

The driver of a very noticeable McLaren sports car travelling at 90mph was stopped after he had failed to see the unmarked police vehicle behind. The driver was reported to court for the offence and already has nine points on his licence.

To retrieve your car from the Police impound, you will need insurance from a specialist.

If you don’t act quickly, you may find the Police have sold your car via eBay. A north western policing agency have been given permission to flog expensive cars seized by the authorities on eBay. They will be selling off over £100,000 worth of flashy wheels impounded.

Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson, Head of Operations, said it represented a ‘big step forward’ for the eBay initiative.

The Police hope to get thousands more for the cars than through a conventional sale, he said, adding: “We are using existing legislation to seize assets but instead of a traditional auction where there are costs and fees involved – and you only reach a small market – we are increasingly using eBay shop to reach a far wider set of buyers.

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