Protect your valuable impounded car with our insurance!

If you are unlucky enough to have your impounded, beware of not obtaining insurance and retrieving it quickly!

In the first half of 2016, Police impounded 22,600 cars from drivers who were either unlicensed or uninsured. The  authorities sold 2,900 cars  at auctions which raised over £1.4m, another 6,600 cars worth around £280,000 were crushed.

Your car can be impounded for several reasons, no insurance, careless driving, having no license, parking illegally or being abandoned.

The Police find uninsured cars by using automatic number plate recognition and checking cars against the Motor Insurance Database. The database holds details of around 37 million insured vehicles.

If your car is impounded you will have to pay £150 towing fee and storage of £20 per day. If you had no insurance yo can expect a fine of about £300 and 6 penalty points on your license.

The car will be kept by the Police for 14 days at their approved pound. If you don’t go to get it back, the Police can dispose of it on the 15th day. You can be chased for the costs incurred through the Courts.

The cost of temporary insurance to get you back on the road varies tremendously so you need to get advice from a specialist broker.

Our team deal with a range of insurers who understand and accept that not everyone drives uninsured on purpose, our prices will stop you losing your valuable car!

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