Its not just youngster’s cars that are seized

In July the 1.5 millionth uninsured vehicle was seized by the Police and impounded. However, it seems that some drivers are being harshly treated.

Insurance policies used to give the policyholder cover to drive other vehicles on a third party only basis. However, many insurers have withdrawn that benefit and a lot of drivers haven’t realised that cover has been reduced. This has led to many cars being somewhat harshly impounded. It seems very unfair on UK drivers as in most countries a car is automatically insured for any driver when it is taxed.

Here in the UK Continuous Insurance Enforcement was introduced in 2011 in an effort to stop uninsured driving. This law means that every car has to be insured or logged with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency as being off the road.

Its not just young drivers who fall foul of the law, Scotland’s Transport Minister Humza Yousaf was caught by the Police when driving uninsured after wrongly assuming his insurance covered him to drive other cars. Churchill Insurance have also pointed out that its not just cheaper cars that attract the Police. Luxury cars such as BMWs, Porches and Bentleys were also seized and impounded for having no insurance.


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