Insurance for an impounded taxi

Specialist schemes for taxis

We might be know an ‘seizedcarinsurance’, but our expertise extends much further than just insuring cars. Our dedicated, specialist insurance schemes for finding cheap impounded car insurance, to get your vehicle out of the police pound, also covers vehicles such as taxis. We find more and more than that enforcement agencies are taking a hard line and often impound taxis for the smallest infarction.

So how do we help? If you’ve had your taxi seized, first thing first is you’ll want to get it back before it builds up expensive daily storage fees at the compound. Second, if it takes too long, the police are within their rights to sell the vehicle at auction. Therefore your priority has to be getting the vehicle back rather than dwelling on why it has been impounded and if that course of action was correct.

We’ll compare our specialist schemes and get back to you within minutes on what the price is. We do both annual and short term policies. Whatever is most appropriate to suit your needs. If you’re happy we’ll email you the covernote over so you can take it to the police station and get your documents stamped. From here you can take them to the impound and get the taxi back.

So. No more reading. Time for action! Call us on 0161 975 6109 today.