Cheap DR10 Car Insurance

Here at we not only specialise in finding insurance for seized vehicles, but we can also help if you’ve had serious motor convitions and can’t find affordable car insurance. We can help in the following areas:

  • DR10 (Driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol)
  • DR20 or DR80 (Drive or attempt to drive a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs)
  • DR50 or DR90 (In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs)
  • DR40 (In charge of vehicle with excess alcohol)
  • DR30 (Fail to provide specimen for analysis while driving or attempting to drive a vehice)
  • DR60 (Fail to provide specimen for analysis while in charge of a vehicle)
  • DR70 (Fail to co-operate with preliminary roadside breath test)

Short term vs annual

Our policies come in a variety of forms which can be either short term DR10 car insurance for a month; or annual policies for a year. You can choose between cheaper policies that are only third party fire and theft in cover, or alternatively comprehensive cover with extensions such as driving other cars and courtesy car access.

What we do

Through our market knowledge we put you in touch with leading specialists who can offer the best rates available on drink drive motor convictions such as DR10, dr20, dr40 and dr50. If you’ve gone a period of time without any further convictions or have attended a rehabilitation driver course then you will find our dr10 car insurance even cheaper. If you need any impartial advise about finding dr10 car insurance and want some tips you can contact us either social media, by email or phone.

Comparison sites are no use

Comparison sites are great if you are an ordinary insurance risk. By this we mean if you have no claims, convictions and plenty of no claims bonus (NCB), lots of insurers will want your business and quote very cheap prices. However if you add a conviction to that quote you will find very few insurers quote at all. What’s worse is that once you call them up or visit the website the price tends to change and you can end up paying double the price or more…

We don’t believe this treatment is fair, particularly since drivers with motor convictions can learn from their mistakes. That’s why we have confidence in our rates and have arranged special discounts with our insurers for our customers. To get a quote follow the link on the side of this page or give us a call today.

Finding seized car insurance

As well as finding cheap dr10 car insurance, we can also find drink driver insurance for bikes, vans, taxis and other motors too. Our speciality is finding insurance for seized cars, so if you need to release a seized car today, get in touch and see how much we can save you on your seized car insurance.