Finding insurance to release a seized car can be very difficult. Too difficult in our opinion – that’s why this site was setup! Having gone through the rigmarole of going on comparison sites, calling generic insurance companies, etc it soon became apparent that it’s not an easy mission to find low cost, flexible policies if you need to release an impounded car…

Insurers are quick to label, and as soon as they hear a vehicle has been impounded they leap to conclusions. This then either means they won’t cover the vehicle or they will charge a ridiculous price. Yes true, in many cases a car has been impounded due to the driver being uninsured but this can happen innocently, and regardless people do make mistakes. It doesn’t mean they will make them again. By making insurance too expensive and unrealistic, it fuels the circle of drivers being uninsured again since getting back on the road is simply not affordable.

Anyway, the solution is finding flexible policies that either provide short term insurance to release an impounded car, or annual policies if the driver intends on keeping the vehicle and staying on the road. The good news is there are insurers out there that see the bigger picture and offer fair-priced insurance. Through our market knowledge we know all of them and have relationships in place that guarantee you the best rates!

Whether you’re simply looking for advice or want an excellent deal on impounded car insurance, make sure we’re your first phone call! We know exactly what it’s like to have a car transported to a police impound…the stress, cost, hassle. Well we can make it easier. Get in touch today.

What we do

Here at seizedcarinsurance.co.uk, we’re an FCA regulated firm, meaning we can be trusted to give you fair, informative and competent advice.¬† You can either call us – for FREE on one of our local or 0800 numbers – or leave your details and we’ll quickly get in touch. Once we understand your needs we’ll suggest an option, which may be short term temporary insurance or an annual comprehensive policy, and give you a number of different insurers to choose from. Basically we do all the hard work for you and find you the best price!

Above all else, we believe people should be given a second chance. We don’t care if you have any serious motor convictions or any other conviction for that matter, we’re dedicated to fulfilling your insurance needs. When you realise we’re actually quite good at this, the hope is you’ll use us again!

Types of seized car insurance

Insurance for seized and impounded cars and vans comes in two forms. 30 day monthly policies that you can cancel at anytime and annual policies with fully comprehensive cover. Compare the benefits as follows:

30 day monthly policy:

  • Short term insurance¬† – cancel at anytime
  • Instant covernote emailed to you
  • Third party cover only
  • Option to renew and have a rolling contract
  • You can’t build up no claims bonus (NCB)

Annual policy:

  • Option of fully comprehensive cover
  • Cover extensions – breakdown etc
  • Instant covernote emailed to you
  • Build up no claims bonus
  • Various flexible payment instalment methods

Essentially the type of policy you go for depends on your intentions. If you plan on selling the car or having it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) shortly after retrieving it from the police pound then it makes sense to go for a temporary impounded car insurance policy. This way you’re making a minimal financial commitment and can cancel at anytime. However be aware that cover is only third party so your car and vehicle are not covered. This is the basic insurance requirement to satisfy the Road Traffic Act 1998.

Alternatively if you’ll be getting back on the road permanently then the only option is annual cover. Not only will you benefit from comprehensive insurance – covering both your car and third parties – but you can also build up no claims discount (NCD) and get your future insurance premiums cheaper. Whatever your needs, call us today and find out about our flexible and cheap insurance options.