22% of Britains risk their Motor ending up in a car impound

22% of Britain’s do not fully understand the insurance laws when driving abroad.

Car Impound Driving in Europe

A new survey finds that 22% of Britain’s do not fully understand the laws when driving in foreign countries. Failing to understand the countries laws could result in your motor ending up in a car impound. The majority of countries that Brits like to drive through have many different rules when it comes to insurance and road laws. These can vary from the simple things as ensuring you have your license and insurance certificates to ensuring that your car is clean. These rules could result in your motor in a foreign car impound if you are unaware of the rules and regulations.

A range of peculiar laws around Europe could see your car in a car impound, a fine or the much feared stay in a foreign jail.

These laws may seem strange to Britain’s however they are fully enforceable within the European countries whilst driving on their roads. In France your motor may be sentenced to a car impound if your Sat-Nav is detecting speed cameras. The French government bans Sat-Navs that can notify motorists of speed cameras as this allows the drivers to speed in areas not in force. These drivers that ignore this law will have their car in the car impound.

In Spain it is a motor offence to only have one pair of prescription glasses in your car. The minimum is two or a visit to the car impound or fine.

Spanish law requires drivers to keep a spare pair of prescription glasses in your car at all times. This could be in case of your first pair breaking whilst on the road and being unable to clearly see hazardous conditions or to be able to quickly react to any dangers on the road. It is unclear whether or not this is fully enforced or more of a legal requirement if the police is struggling to gather evidence on another driving violation you may have convicted. We believe a number of these little offences can result in your motor in a car impound if you fail to comply with the police demands.
In Germany it is illegal to stop on highways no matter the reason as running out of fuel is a preventable action which leaves no room for argument. It is also illegal to have a dirty car where there may be risk of your plate registration not being seen. This is enforceable and decided by the police on the road at the time to decide whether or not your car is ‘too dirty’.

Some countries such as Norway and Poland, it is a requirement to have your headlights on all day everyday no matter the weather. Failure to comply with this law can result in your car in a car impound.

Steve Ashford, of Avia, said: ‘Drivers are risking a heavy fine or, at worse, being arrested if they do not understand the rules of the road when driving abroad. Other countries have different road rules to the UK and ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

When the police impounds your car, you can still get it back

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