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If you’ve had the bad luck of having your car seized, then you’re in the right place!

We specialise in finding the cheapest impounded car insurance that will release your vehicle from police custody and return it to your hands. The process is very quick, we can email you a cover note in moments.

What ever the reason we can help. Uninsured driving, drink driving, dangerous driving…our flexible, low cost policies can cover all situations regardless of conviction type. And we don’t judge. It’s easy to make a mistake and we believe drivers deserve the chance of affordable insurance in order to get back on the roads safely.

Temporary vs annual insurance

Insurance to release an impounded car comes in two forms: short term for a month or on an annual basis. Short term, temporary insurance is ideal if you need enough time to retrieve your car from the police impound, but don’t want to committ to the cost of a yearly policy. With a 30 day monthly policy you can choose to lapse it after just a month without nothing further to pay.

Alternatively you can opt for an annual policy. The cover is better because you can choose fully comprehensive. Giving you the peace of mind that your own vehicle is covered as well as policy extensions available such as legal fees, courtesy car and European travel. With annual seized car insurance you can also build up no claims bonus that will make future insurance cheaper.

Also, we don’t only find impounded insurance for cars, but can also help with vans, pickups and couriers . Whatever your vehicle type, or current predicament, contact us and we’ll do our best to get you the cheapest quote out there!

What we do

We are regulated by the FCA to carry out insurance activities.

We work by putting you in touch with proven insurers who have a track record for insuring impounded vehicles and at a great price. By using us you will get the best deals that we have negotiated on your behalf. Finding insurance for a seized vehicle can be very very hard…only a handful of insurers nationwide can help, and you won’t find them on comparison sites or in the phone book. You will be staggered by the choice we can offer!

Next step: contact us. You can get in touch by calling us FREE on 0161 495 6000 or by visiting our Twitter or Facebook pages. We’ll quickly get in contact and identify your needs. If you want to learn about why cars and vans are taken to a police pound and what you need to do to get them back, read our informative FAQ’s and information guides.

So had your car seized by the police and have no insurance? Get in contact to solve your insurance needs today.


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